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6th Kemsing Scouts
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Everyday adventures

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What's new at the 6th?

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  • The 6th takes on the might of OSM!

    24th January 2018

    The 6th takes on the might of OSM! Online Scout Manager (OSM) is a record management system designed by Scouts, for Scouts. It is widely used across the UK, and indeed in other parts of the world too, and is a fantastic tool to help leaders maintain records of the young people, their achievements, communicate with parents, administrate camps and other events and even collect subs and other monies. We are all new to it, so please bear with us as we fumble our way along. Please check your junk mail folders to see if there are messages in there from us as we will use this more and more as it becomes  established. We are very grateful to our Membership Secretary, Fiona Thompson for her part in setting up the records to start us off. ...

  • Welcome to the Jumble!

    Welcome to the Jumble!

    13th November 2017

    Phew! What a jumble!? Thanks to all for supporting, donating and shopping at this weekends jumble. With all of your help Kemsing Scouts raised an STAGGERING 2,133.92 profit on the day, with more to come in from online sales and 'cash4clothes' from what was left over Our next jumble sale is...

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  • Scouts Oct 17 Hammock Camp

    30th October 2017

    Enjoyable camp, Scouts were great! The Scouts enjoyed an overnight event to try out the new hammocks and make the most of the generous offer from the St Clere Estate to use their land for our activities. Having walked to the site from the HQ, the Scouts set up individual hammocks and tarps -...

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  • End of the Summer hols....start of the NEW Scouting year!!

    4th September 2017

    Hi All, No need to be sad that the end of the summer break means the end of your adventures. Scouts, Cubs and Beavers are back! Beavers will start back on September 7th Cubs will start back on September 11th Scouts will start back on September 15th A date for your diary - our AGM will...

  • Race Night a runaway success!!

    20th March 2017

    Thanks to everyone's help on Saturday for the role you played making the Race Night a success!!! We hope you managed to back a winner!? Thanks to everyone's efforts! Who new fundraising could be so fun!? What a great way of raising 1,250 for the new hut! ...

  • Gone Home - A Sad Farewell to a Fellow Scout, Bert Trattell

    20th March 2017

    Wow! 81 years in scouting how many of us can match that? Bert joined the Scout movement in 1936 as a very young Scout in the 13th Lewisham South Group. He remained with this Group as a Scout until he was evacuated to the West County during the war. However, as it was war time, and he had...

  • Another Great Jumble!

    12th March 2017

    Many thanks to one and all for the great help in organising, supporting and clearing up for the Jumble Sale this weekend! Although perhaps a little quieter that the last sales it looks like we have still raised in excess of 1,200 towards the new hut!! A massive result! Looks to thank as...


    15th July 2016

    Whilst plans for the new hut move steadily forward we are all very thankful for all who attended the recent working party to help refresh the much loved 'old hut'. Special shout out to Andy Ainsworth (a Dad of one of the Beavers) and his brother Eddie who painted the inside of the hut! It looks...

  • Volunteer Day - @ the Hut

    10th July 2016

    10:30 - 14:30 Please offer some of your time to help keep the hut upright (or at least close to upright!) and functional until we have the means to replace it.  Please come along if you can spare even a little time on Sunday. There's lots to do including something for everyone - you might...

  • 2016 Annual Report

    30th June 2016

    The 2016 Annual Report is now available. 2016 6th Sevenoaks (Kemsing) Annual Report v.2.pdf ...

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