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6th Kemsing Scouts

Everyday adventures

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6th Sevenoaks (Kemsing) Scouts

  • Scouts 2017 Hammock Camp.

    Check out what the Scouts got up to at the end of October at the Hammock Camp 2017 (more photos in the photo gallery too!)

    Scouts 2017 Hammock Camp.
  • Scouting in Kemsing is full of opportunities for adventure

    Click to see some of our everday adventures!

    Scouting in Kemsing is full of opportunities for adventure
  • The pretty random life of Robert Baden-Powell
    The pretty random life of Robert Baden-Powell
  • Fundraising for Kemsing Scouts

    The AMAZING Lara Banks is running the Brighton Marathon and raising funds for Kemsing Scouts - do sponsor here if you get the chance!

    Fundraising for Kemsing Scouts

6-8 year olds

Thursday 5.30-6.45pm


8-10 year olds

Monday 6-7.30pm


10-14 year olds

Friday 7.45-9.15pm


Thank you to the AMAZING Lara Banks who ran the Brighton marathon raising over 400 for Kemsing scouts.

You can still support Lara with a donation :-)

Kemsing is a village in the district of Sevenoaks, Kent, located in the lee of the North Downs and with a populous of around 4,200 people. The 6th Sevenoaks (Kemsing) Scout Group was founded in 1957 and cuurently provides an active progressive programme for young people from the age of 6yrs old and upwards.

Please come and join us!

Please get in touch using info@kemsingscouts.org.uk

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